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Geffen Academy approach’s teaching as an intellectual profession of the highest order, one in which knowledge is not only transmitted but created. Geffen Academy teachers possess a sophisticated and reflective understanding of their discipline and a record of achievement which demonstrates their ability to utilize and contribute to the robust connections we have with UCLA, a world-class research institution. Teachers’ innovation is guided by our school’s mission to prioritize proven educational practices while also recognizing that teaching is a complex intellectual endeavor that defies rigid codification. We are committed to a humane working environment and also recognize that teaching goes beyond the life of the mind. Geffen Academy teachers seek to create trusting and caring relationships with their students and with their larger community.

Job Summary
Under the direction of the Mathematics Department Chair, the Educator will be responsible for the delivery of an excellent program of secondary school instruction, including participation in the creation of the curriculum, teaching four (4) courses, and participating in the life of the Geffen Academy in a robust and fully engaged manner. This is a bargaining unit covered position.
Geffen Academy seeks a Mathematics teacher able to teach a variety of math courses for students in grades 6-12. The curriculum is based on the traditional textbooks as well as on the Singapore Math resources and AoPS (Art of Problem Solving) textbooks. Calculus and some other advanced courses at the Geffen will closely resemble the corresponding courses given at the UCLA Department of Mathematics. A successful candidate should either be familiar with the above content or willing and able to quickly become familiar with it.
We are looking for people who find studying and teaching mathematics to the next generation rewarding and exciting. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about teaching and who are able to choose the appropriate techniques from their pedagogical toolkits to meet the needs of all students. We are looking for people interested in applying math to other areas of human knowledge, from physics to computer science to economics and finance to history and literature, in close cooperation with students, other teachers, and faculty members of the UCLA Department of Mathematics.

Core Functions & Duties
● Collaborate with others in the creation of a Geffen Academy program that meets the needs and interests of the Academy's students.
● Consistent with the Mathematics Department leadership's direction, collaborate with relevant UCLA faculty in devising programs that enable Geffen Academy's students to take advantage of the Academy's relationship with a research university operating at the cutting edge of knowledge creation.
● Consistent with the Mathematics Department leadership's direction, evaluate and choose books, digital materials, and other academic resources.
● Communicate information about student progress to relevant student services colleagues, including to the Department Chair, Dean of Students, Academic Advising and College Guidance staff, , Registrar, Counselor and Athletic Team.
● Participate in Department representation at parent meetings and recruitment events.
● Consistent with the Mathematics Department leadership's direction, assess the continued relevance and success of course offerings within the Department.
● Participate in committee work, whether the committee's focus is solely within the Department or reaches to other parts of the Geffen Academy enterprise.
● Consistent with the Mathematics Department leadership's direction, participate in interdisciplinary instructional programs.
● Serve as instructor/mentor/advisor of students' independent projects.
● Engage in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
● Orient new educators and establish appropriate mentoring relationships.
● Meet as needed with the Department.
● Participate in continuing professional development activities.
● Be available to provide coverage of instructional work for both scheduled and unscheduled absences of colleagues.
● Be available to students and their parents for any and all Department related issues.
● A Geffen Academy Educator's workload may vary from term to term and year to year. Each Geffen Academy Educator's annual contract will reflect the workload anticipated for the time covered by the contract.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2023
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HR team