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National Latino Education Institute

POSITION TITLE: Mathematics, Academic STEM Skills Instructor

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the delivery of classroom education and training to adult participants in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics either in one subject area or in a combination.

Math Subject Range: Math classes vary in Remedial Math, Basic Mathematical Functions (fractions/decimals/ percentages, problem solving, use of ratio and proportion, algebra, geometry), Intermediate Math (square roots, exponents, linear equations and scientific notation) and introductory Physics in a contextualized learning environment. Students are provided an introduction to metric, apothecary and household systems of measurement.



  1. Believes and adheres to the mission of NLEI. Ongoing demonstrated interest in the education, respect and concern for students.

    2. Covers all material in depth and scope as described in the course syllabi.

    3. Provides lesson plans for each class in advance.

    4. Provides Teaching Assignments Application per term; provides completed Substitute Form for each class in advance as may be needed.

    5. Begins class at the designated time and provides a full period of instruction for scheduled class time.

    6. Devotes one full hour to preparation time for every five hours taught.

    7. Utilizes a variety of teaching styles in order to meet the different learning styles of students.

    8. Attends Faculty meetings, In-Services, Workshops and any other forums as needed; provides feedback on curricula, student progress, and other instruction-related topics.

    9. Available for regular classroom observations and course/student surveys; collaboratively reviews results of the classroom observations and course/student surveys.

    10. Equitably allocates time for individual students as needed to assist with progress in class and addresses any problems, which may hamper successful program completion.

    11. Provides individual and group guidance to students as needed; maintains up-to-date information that addresses students' progress and/or obstacles; reports existing conditions and situations regarding all students as needed.

    12. Assists in documentation of student attendance; keeps accurate attendance rosters on a daily basis and verifies student attendance and tardiness as needed; reports significant attendance issues.

    13. Actively engages in student retention activities. Identifies new educational approaches for discussion and implementation.

    14. Administers and grades examinations and schoolwork for each course taught; submits all graded student work within the specified period of time.

    15. Maintains progress reports for each student during each course taught and submits timely electronic Grade Reports.

    16. All grades are to be submitted according to the NLEI Grade Policy. Able to communicate grade calculations to students.

    17. Submits required accreditation instructor data.

    18. Keeps current with subject areas. Participates in professional development plans and opportunities.

    19. Implements strategies to help participants to answer exams with time limit.

    20. Uses different methods to ensure the participants complete a tests timely and accurately.

    21. Responsible to ensure the success of CAST Testers.

    22. Responsible for the custody, care, and safekeeping of school property and exercises control over expendable supplies; limits use of technology, (i.e. computers, printers, etc.) to school-related business.

    23. Supports the maintenance of school policies, rules, and regulations as they relate to students and classroom environment


  1. · At least a baccalaureate degree, preferably in the assigned or related teaching field.

  2. If degree is not in assigned teaching field must possess at least two years of related verifiable work experience or vocational certification in the assigned teaching field.

  3. Excellent interpersonal, classroom management, writing, and communication skills.

  4. Must be able to utilize Microsoft Office Suite at an intermediate level.

  5. Must be able to obtain official transcript for claimed degrees.

  6. Knowledge of employment and training programs preferred


  1. Current Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
  2. Official transcripts for all claimed degrees.
  3. Candidates must be able to pass a criminal background check.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2023
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Monica Lopez
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