Invitation to join a webinar on our new "Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories" (LT2) tool


Based on web applications that we built over the last two decades to serve our scale-up projects, we have been funded by the Heising-Simons and Gates foundations to create a new tool for early and elementary education. Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories (LT2)  is a web-based tool to help educators learn about how children think and learn about mathematics and how to teach mathematics to young children (birth to age 8). Teachers explore learning trajectories for all major subjects, review short video clips of classroom instruction, and test their own understanding of children’s development. We hope it will be a professional development resource for researchers, methods courses, and anyone interesting in the teaching of mathematics.

We are going to introduce this new tool to a wider audience via Zoom webinars. If you know anyone who might be interested, we would appreciate your sharing this notice with them.

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