Real analysis? For teachers? Checkout project ULTRA materials!

AMTE members,
Project ULTRA (Upgrading Learning for Teachers in Real Analysis) is an NSF-funded collaboration to design, implement, and assess materials for an innovative real analysis course for secondary mathematics teachers. The goal of the course was to more meaningfully connect the content of real analysis to the teaching of secondary mathematics (i.e., connected not just to secondary mathematics but to situations in teaching secondary mathematics).
We are finally at the stage of being able to share these materials! You can visit our website - - to read more about our instructional model ('building up from and stepping down to teaching practice'); to access each the 12 modules we designed, along with where they fit in the progression of a standard first real analysis course; and to see publications related to the project as well as other materials (e.g., accompanying geogebra files, etc.).
Please share this with other mathematicians or mathematics educators who either teach real analysis [or a content-focused capstone course] or who might find some interest in this work more broadly.
Nick Wasserman, Teachers College, Columbia University (
Keith Weber, Rutgers University
Pablo Mejia-Ramos, Rutgers University
Amy Cohen, Rutgers University
Tim Fukawa-Connelly, Temple University