Funding opportunity: EF+Math Program

Posted on behalf of Karin Lange; please submit inquiries to her using the contact information at the close of the post.

I’m excited to share a new funding opportunity, the EF+Math Program, with up to $9M in funding this year. EF+Math is an initiative to bring rigorous research to bear on developing effective math programs for students in grades 3-8. The program will fund and support bold approaches that embed executive function training into rigorous math learning programs that are intentionally designed to support students in historically under-resourced schools. We are taking an inclusive R&D approach, where we’ll be bringing together researchers, educators, and designers/developers of programs that can scale across many districts. Please see the announcement below, and find more detail on the website and our blog post.

Through this opportunity we will: (1) fund teams to build, pilot and improve these new approaches in real-world classrooms; (2) create opportunities for the teams to form and create ideas together; and (3) ensure educators are not only included in the discovery and development process, but have elevated roles. We will actively coordinate the work to ensure equity and privacy are built into the core design, approaches are grounded in rigorous science of learning research, and approaches are useful and usable to teachers and students.

Right now, we have funding available in three areas: 

  • For educators (teachers and district partners): The Designing for Use Track is the way we prioritize educators as central to the work, through the Educator Leadership Council and District Co-Design Partners.
  • For researchers & developers: The Prototyping Track funds teams to build, pilot, and improve teacher- and student-centered learning systems that embed executive function training within high-quality math content and instruction.
  • For researchers: The Applied Research Track invests in innovative new ways to make learning visible and actionable in real time.

We look forward to your big ideas!

Karin Lange, Ed.D.
Educator Co-Design Manager
EF+Math Program