The TODOS Math for All Podcast Celebrates the Class of 2020

Are you a student of mathematics education at the graduate, undergraduate, or teacher credential level, and are you graduating at the end of this school year? Do you know someone who fits the description? We'd like to hear from you, our up and coming leaders in mathematics education. The TODOS podcast will feature the voices and stories of up to 8 people whose work aligns with the mission of TODOS as part of 2 podcast episodes for the end of May through June 2020. We would love to feature the work of scholars of color and those who are doing work allied with Latinx and other marginalized communities. Please self-nominate or nominate others. Our goal is to have representation across the country and across many levels of education. Email host Maria Zavala with subject "TODOS Podcast", nominee information, and a 150 to 200 word description of your own or the nominee's work or future work, and how it connects to the TODOS mission (