SURVEY: Equity and Social Justice in Secondary Mathematics Teacher Education

We are researchers investigating how the field of Mathematics Teacher Education views success for programs in addressing issues of equity and social justice and to begin to identify bright spot programs that may exhibit such qualities. When we refer to Secondary Mathematics Teacher Education (SMTE) programs, we include all elements of the program, as defined by AMTE from pre-service through in-service development.

We are currently recruiting for a 15 minute survey. 

In this survey, you are asked to answer questions about your perceptions of what makes a SMTE program successful in addressing issues of equity and social justice. You will also be asked to identify any bright spot programs that you feel exist in the field of SMTE. 

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Link to survey:


Brian R Lawler, Kennesaw State University

Robin Anderson, North Carolina State University 

Cyndi Edgington, North Carolina State University

Lorraine Males, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Travis Weiland, University of Houston 

Luke Carman, North Carolina State University

Anita Sundrani, University of Houston