Call for papers for a MDPI Mathematics Special Issue

Dear colleagues,

In the past three decades, the development of digital technology has had an extraordinary impact on education, expanding the number and scope of studies focused on the use of digital technology in mathematics education. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges at all levels of education worldwide, it also accelerated major developments in digital technology that impacted mathematics teaching, learning, and curriculum even more. These impacts, however, vary significantly from country to country due to the cultural diversity of educational systems and access to technology across the world.

We invite you to submit your research paper to the special issue on International Perspectives for Technology Applications in Mathematics Education. Our aim is to cover the large variety of topics while illuminating them through different cultural perspectives, theoretical frameworks, and methodological approaches. We are looking for high-quality research that addresses the challenges of using digital technologies and their potential for the improvement of mathematics teaching, learning, and curriculum.