Conversation about your PSTs and Elementary Praxis®

My colleague Geoffrey Phelps and I are planning to launch a research study in the coming months focused on preparation for an elementary level Praxis® mathematics test (5003, 5903, 5018). ETS has recently launched a new online tool called Praxis Learning Paths, to help preservice teachers learn the mathematics represented on the test with the specific goal of reaching those who struggle to do so, and we are interested in studying how it could be useful as curriculum or supplement within a program of teacher preparation. While we are not yet ready to launch the study, we would be interested in conversations with mathematics teacher educators who could help us better understand what they would want from such a tool and who might be interested in joining the study later. Specifically, we’d love to have a conversation with you if you teach a mathematics or math methods course is focused to some degree on preparing students for the elementary math Praxis®, or if you work directly with preservice teachers struggling to pass the test in other ways that might fall outside of specific courses. If you’d be interested in chatting please let me (Heather Howell) know.