Dear Mathematics Education Colleagues-

We (Sarah Ferguson-University of Cincinnati, Lisa Amick-University of Kentucky & Denise Polojac-Chenoweth-Hillsborough County Public Schools), in conjunction with Teachers College Press, are working on a book full of problem-based lessons for secondary (grades 6-12) mathematics classrooms. We are asking you to contribute any original lessons that you may have! We are sure that over the years you have crafted, developed, tweaked, and made lessons that center on investigative learning, and we would love for you to share them in this collection!





Leader: Sarah Ferguson, University of Cincinnati,  

Co-leaders: Lisa R. Amick, University of Kentucky,; Denise L. Polojac-Chenoweth, Hillsborough County Public Schools, 


Scope and focus of the Book

This book is a resource to support middle-level and secondary mathematics teachers in the planning and facilitation of problem-based instruction that requires students to engage with real-world problems and activities that deepen content knowledge and help students make meaningful connections to mathematics. Each chapter will provide problem-based activities with detailed lesson plans and instructional supports, including differentiation, grouping, and inclusion strategies. All included problem-based activities will be standards-based and will cover various middle and secondary mathematics topics.

Call for lessons 

  • The intended audience for this book includes pre-and in-service teachers and teacher educators.  
  • Lesson submissions should focus on a PBI lesson from the teacher viewpoint.  
  • Middle (grades 6-8) and Secondary (grades 9-12) content focuses are welcomed.
  • Each lesson proposal should include full detail on lesson sequences and activities. 
  • Lessons must be submitted using the provided template.
  • Lesson submissions must fully explain all aspects of the PBI.  Teachers and teacher educators should be able to replicate the lesson, or selected aspects of the lesson, based on the details provided.
  • Supplemental materials to accompany the lesson should be stored in a shared Google Drive folder with documents being uploaded as doc., docx., pdf., xlsx., or rtf, files.  Resources shared should be viewable and downloadable, but not editable within the Google Drive folder. 
  • Differentiation strategies, inclusion strategies, grouping strategies, should be explained fully and clearly within the lesson. 
  • Technology integration should be explained fully and clearly within the lesson.
  • Student engagement and activities should be fully explained.


Sample Lesson Proposal: 

Proposal Template:


Lesson submissions must use PBI lesson template. Lessons should be submitted to  Questions regarding lesson submissions should be directed to the project leaders.

Reviews and decisions  

Each lesson will be peer-reviewed by the three leaders of this project with the potential for additional reviews among those who submit lessons. The three group leaders will decide about the acceptance of the submitted lessons. 

Important dates

  • September 12, 2022: Call for proposals distributed 
  • December 1, 2022: Deadline for the proposal submission of the drafted lessons.
  • February 1, 2023: Preliminary decisions on submissions with feedback.
  • April 1, 2023: Deadline for edited version of each chapter.