Charity Election Grant Opportunity

Hi all,

I just received an interesting grant that I wanted to pass along!

Giving What We Can wants to offer any school full sponsorship to host a charity election-a school-wide election among three charities, in which students vote to direct up to $2,000 in sponsored funds (provided through the grant) to students' choice of three highly impactful charities making lives better around the world. The program is entirely free to the school and supported fully by grant funding!

At first pass it might seem like a civics-driven opportunity, but I did some cool activities with my classes on calculating expected value and measuring a charity's effectiveness, so I found the grant to be an awesome opportunity to explore applied number sense with my students.

Why run a charity election?

1. Promotes youth voice and civic engagement

2. Provides service leadership opportunity for students helping to run the election

3. Directs real funds to highly effective charities

4. Develops SEL skills, such as empathy and compassion, and cultivates positive school climate

5. Develop applied number sense while exploring the real-world importance of mathematical reasoning strategies


What you can do: Learn more and apply here

Please reach out to with any questions