Invitation to MODULE(S2) May 1st webinar

Please join us for an informational webinar about the NSF-funded MODULE(S2) project on Monday, May 1st, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. Eastern at this Zoom link.


The NSF-funded MODULE(S2) project has published free curriculum materials that develop prospective teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching secondary mathematics. We offer curriculum materials that support active learning for use in university courses in four content areas, each meant for a 3-credit-hour semester-long class:

  • Algebra from an Advanced Perspective (including functions, relations, and fields)

  • College Geometry

  • Mathematical Modeling

  • Introductory Statistics

Each set of course materials consists of 3 modules, each taking about 4 weeks of class time or a total of one semester of instruction. To the extent possible, each module is independent of other modules, so the materials can be used flexibly. A college instructor could decide to use 1 module from each of 3 topics to form a capstone course, for example.


At this webinar, you will:

  • hear from the authors of the MODULE(S2) curriculum materials about their design, 

  • preview selected activities, 

  • learn about the project’s research results regarding their effectiveness at improving prospective teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching as well as their expectancy and value of teaching mathematics through a student-centered, discussion-based approach, 

  • and view the online professional learning space that supports MODULE(S2) users.


Contact us with any questions in advance of the webinar. Hope to see you on May 1st!