Community Conversation on EF+Math Insights Report

On May 11, 2023, AERDF and EF+Math will convene an incredible panel of educators, researchers, district partner leaders, and developers to discuss EF+Math’s recently released Insights Report, Strengthening Executive Function Skills to Improve Mathematics Learning: Evidence of Promise from EF+Math’s Inclusive R&D Approach.

This community conversation will help participants gain a deeper understanding of EF+Math’s insights, including early evidence from across its portfolio that demonstrates the promise of the unique math learning approaches and research tools its community is developing and researching. The conversation will also focus on how education experiences that are equity-centered, based on learning science, and co-designed by educators, researchers, and developers have the promise of dramatically improving mathematics outcomes for Black and Latinx students and students of all races experiencing poverty.

The format of the event will be a 40-minute panel discussion followed by 20-minute small group breakout conversations on the topics of (1) inclusive research and development processes, (2) understanding the relationship between mathematics and executive function, and (3) equity in math education R&D. You will have the opportunity to select which small group discussion you would like to engage in.

Be sure to save your spot early and invite your colleagues to join us. Please consider submitting a question in advance on the
registration form.