Sponsored Announcement: CEMSE Seeks Field Testers

As seen in the Fall 2015 AMTE Connections Newsletter, the Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CEMSE) at the University of Chicago is seeking interested students and teachers to participate in field tests of two interactive online tools.

Data Workshop is a web-based data exploration environment intended to help users understand elementary experiment design and subsequent analysis. Users can enter their own raw data, collect data via surveys, or design simulations such as coin flips and dice tosses. Both raw data and results can be shared with other Workshop users. Data Workshop has all the features needed for a probability and statistics course for pre-service teachers and for students in any grade interested in the principles of experiment design.

For more information, please go to http://dataworkshop.cemseprojects.org/ or send a message to dataworkshop@cemseprojects.org.

The Number Stories project is a collection of dynamic mathematics activities organized in a searchable online platform. All the activities are based on real-world contexts. The problems are designed to motivate the use of mathematics to solve problems in various professional or other everyday life situations. Number Stories support individual users with targeted feedback and are useful in many situations such as home-schooling, vocational training, or to enrich classroom mathematics.

For more information, please go to http://numberstories.cemseprojects.org/ or send a message to numberstories@cemseprojects.org.