Proposals Must be Blinded

Proposals must be blinded for review, including the title, session description, and references. Do not name authors, institutions, states, counties, cities, projects, or websites. Instead, use “Author (year)” for citations and references, and “X” for specific names or identifying information (e.g., “Project X”).

Additional identifying information may be saved as a property of Word and PDF files even if it does not appear in the written text. New for 2019, please access and remove this data stored in the file properties prior to submission. SIAM has an informative how-to guide that may be helpful. 

Unblinded proposals will not be reviewed.

Submission Requirements

Be prepared to submit the following information for each proposed session:

Presenter Information

Provide required information for all presenters, including name, affiliation and position, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Session Information

Provide the presentation strand, session format, and duration, if applicable.

Session Keywords

Provide 3-5 keywords that specify the session topic beyond the strand description.

  • Achievement Gaps
  • Assessment – Student
  • Coaching
  • Cultural Differences and Mathematics Education
  • Curriculum Implementation
  • Development of Mathematics Teacher Educators
  • Elementary Mathematics Specialists
  • English Language Learners
  • Intervention (RTI)
  • Language and Communication
  • Mathematical Content Knowledge
  • Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
  • Mathematics Education Policy and Program Issues
  • Online/Distance Learning for Teachers
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • Pre-service Teacher course and Program Design
  • Professional Development Design
  • Research in Professional Development
  • Research in Teacher Preparation
  • School and University Partnerships and Projects
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Session Description

Provide an informative title (up to 15 words) and a brief description of the session (up to 40 words) to be included in the program. Both the title and session description must be blinded.


All proposals must be: a) blinded for review; b) a maximum of two pages including references; c) single-spaced, 12-pt font, with 1-inch margins; and d) pdf format.

Proposals longer than two pages will not be reviewed. Proposals should provide sufficient information for reviewers to use the review criteria below and include some detail of how the session will be organized in the proposed time frame.

Limits on Participation

Regardless of session format, an individual may serve as lead presenter for no more than one session and may appear no more than twice on the program. Lead presenters must personally certify that all co-presenters have confirmed their willingness to participate in the session.

Resources to Consider when Preparing a Proposal

With the exception of the Poster Session, the conference venue will provide a screen and digital projector for each room. Presentations requiring audio must indicate their request as part of the proposal submission. No other equipment will be provided by AMTE. For the Poster Session, a 36” x 48” foam board, push pins, and an easel will be provided. Laptop computers and/or audio speakers are not appropriate for use in the Poster Session. Internet access will be available to presenters and attendees in all conference areas.