Nominations Sought for Associate Vice-President for Conferences (previously referred to as Conference Director)

Announced April 16, 2018

The AMTE Board of Directors is seeking applications for the next Associate Vice-President (AVP) for Conferences*.  

The deadline to request consideration is Friday, May 11, 2018.

*Note: This position was referred to in the past as the Conference Director. Although the AVP for Conferences may be asked to support or advise on a conference sponsored by AMTE other than the Annual Conference, no such plans are currently in place and this position is primarily associated with our annual conference.

At the conclusion of the 2019 AMTE Annual Conference (Orlando, FL), Dr. Susan Gay will step down as Conference Director of AMTE. Dr. Gay has served in this capacity for many years and has helped establish AMTE’s reputation for hosting outstanding and meaningful annual conferences. (We cannot thank you enough, Susan, for your extraordinary service to AMTE!)

The AMTE Board of Directors would like to identify the next AVP for Conferences in the spring of 2018 so that the incoming AVP can “shadow” Dr. Gay throughout the preparations leading up to the 2019 Conference. The new AVP for Conferences will assume full responsibilities of the position following AMTE’s Annual Conference in 2019.

About the Position

Please review the job description. Candidates for the AVP for Conferences position must be AMTE members in good standing for at least three years and have a record of attendance in the annual conference.  Minimum and preferred qualifications as well as details about responsibilities are given in the job description. Potential candidates are encouraged to discuss their interest in the position with their supervisor(s) at their current institution.