Press Release: Supporting AMTE authors, scholars, and members

Regarding the volume "The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Today"


Raleigh NC, June 24, 2018 – The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) has as its mission to promote the improvement of mathematics teacher education, K-12. Recently, two highly respected mathematics educators, Dr. Eric Gutstein and Dr. Paul Ernest, have been criticized in a segment of the media for chapters in the volume The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Today, published by Springer as the 13th International Congress for Mathematics Education monograph.

Both of these chapters present thoughtful, research-based perspectives about the intersection of mathematics and society. In Dr. Gutstein’s chapter, he challenges the field to consider ways to support teachers in learning to teach so that students see mathematics as a tool for making sense of and working to improve society. Teaching mathematics through examining social justice issues is an important tool for developing the next generation of informed, thoughtful citizens. Dr. Ernest’s chapter asks us to consider how teaching mathematics by attending to context and meaning can lead to reasoning about situations that include ethical concerns. Taken together, both chapters press mathematics education as a field to be thoughtful about the intersections of mathematics, society, and justice.  

A key aspect of AMTE’s mission is to advance the learning of our community about mathematics education and mathematics teacher education. Advancing learning often means considering perspectives that are different from our own and that may be uncomfortable for people to hear and read. AMTE explicitly supports the kind of research and inquiry that is embodied in the volume and by all our authors and members, Drs. Gutstein and Ernest among them. We express this support in part because research and inquiry about challenging topics pushes us to consider new perspectives and moves forward learning in the field.

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