Election 2018: Christopher C. Jett

Participation in AMTE and/or AMTE Affiliates(s)

During 2015–2018, I served on the Membership Committee. In this role, I devised and employed strategies with colleagues regarding ways to increase AMTE’s membership.

During 2017–2018, I served on an ad hoc Task Force. This group brainstormed ways of how the organization could respond to the ongoing issues in Texas in light of the fact that the AMTE conference was scheduled to be there.

Currently, during this 2017–2020 period, I serve on the Emerging Issue Committee. This committee appointment has been the most significant one. It allows me to work with colleagues to respond to emerging issues that directly impact the work of mathematics teacher educators.

Qualifications for the Position

I spent the 2017–2018 academic year in the University of West Georgia’s Emerging Leaders program. As a member of the inaugural cohort, I learned about prototyping solutions to various issues, leveraging diverse perspectives, and giving and receiving critical feedback. The skills obtained from this leadership initiative will serve this AMTE position well.

In addition, I spent five days in the intensive Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) STEM Leadership Institute in July 2018 at the Claggett Center in Adamstown, MD. This institute is designed for scholars who are attempting to transform undergraduate STEM education in their respective domains. As a result of my participation in this institute, I was able to further develop the leadership capacity to propel my vision as a mathematics teacher educator. 

Both of these leadership trainings and experiences were unique and ultimately support my leadership goals for this AMTE Board Member-at-Large position.

Three Goals AMTE should make a Priority

My three goals for AMTE are centered on the big ideas of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Although these concepts have become buzz words, so to speak, within the broader mathematics education community, I have been steadfast in attending to these issues, especially since obtaining in my doctorate in our disciplinary field. I briefly expound upon each goal to contextualize what I can contribute as a potential Board Member-at-Large.

Goal 1: Continue to make equity a priority.

In line with the first AMTE Priority for 2018, my goal is to bring awareness of equity issues and promote action items concerning equity issues within the organization. As mentioned, the organization has prioritized this construct, among others, and my service through this role would further advance equity-related work within the organization. I employ an equity-oriented stance in my professorial duties as a mathematics teacher educator, and I wish to bring this same energy, intellect, and passion to the AMTE Board surrounding equity issues.

Goal 2: Strive for a more diverse membership, leadership, and mathematics education enterprise.

My second goal is for AMTE to make sure that efforts are exerted to attract more culturally diverse mathematics teacher educators into the mathematics education enterprise. This goal includes working with ongoing AMTE committees to increase the number of diverse members, leaders, and change agents. This diversity of perspectives will continue to catapult mathematics teacher educators’ professional growth and development during this current climate. The implications of such work could enrich mathematics teaching, learning, and training on a broad scale.

Goal 3: Attend to inclusion.

My final goal is to push for inclusive policies and practices within AMTE. There have been ongoing discussions about how historically oppressed groups have felt marginalized in various educational spaces, so this goal is designed to promote a more collegial culture of inclusivity. Certainly, I am not suggesting that my singular role as a Board Member-at-Large would eliminate all exclusionary practices within the organization. I am aiming, however, to create a more inclusive culture where mathematics teacher educators can thrive in their service, teaching, and research efforts as their authentic selves.

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