Program Updates for the 2019 Annual AMTE Conference

The following is a list of changes to the PDF Program for the 2019 Annual AMTE Conference. Please return to this page for updates.


  • Ji-Won Son will not present Teacher Concern and Enacted Curriculum. The rest of the presentations in Brief Report session will still go on as scheduled. (Session 68)
  • Stephanie Saclarides will not present Coaching Amid External Pressures: The Impact of Three Key District Policies on Modeling and Co-teaching. (Session 192)
  • Kate Johnson will not present Engaging Conversations About Social Justice in Limited Time. (Session 115)

Session Changes

The following speakers will not be able to participate in scheduled sessions:

  • Rochelle Gutiérrez  (Sessions 1 and 132)
  • Deborah Ball  (Session 91)
  • Margaret Mohr-Schroeder (Sessions 21, 210)
  • James Sheldon (Session 213)
  • M. Kathleen Heid (Sessions 5 and 94)
  • Jaime Diamond (Session 160)
  • Shannon Sweeny (Session 176)
  • Marcy Wood (Session 93)


To report additional changes, or if you have any questions, please contact the program chair:

Dana Cox, Program Chair
Miami University
Department of Mathematics
301 S. Patterson Ave
Oxford, OH 45056