2020 Early Career Award Recipient - Zandra de Araujo


Zandra de Araujo is a teacher, researcher, and life-long learner. Her experiences as a high school mathematics teacher and a community college instructor along with her background as a first generation college student and the daughter of immigrants have shaped her interests in better understanding how to help people learn and enjoy mathematics. As an associate professor in mathematics education at the University of Missouri, Zandra's work focuses on how prospective and practicing teachers use mathematics curriculum, particularly with emergent bilingual students. She also seeks to understand how technology can support teachers’ enactment of high-quality mathematics instruction.  Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, among other agencies. 

Based on her findings, de Araujo has written numerous scholarly articles in a number of journals such as the Review of Educational Research, the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Teaching Children Mathematics, and other leading publications. She is also the lead author of the book Putting Essential Understandings of Expressions and Equations into Practice in Grades 6-8 for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Zandra is the creator of Mathematically Educated (www.mathematicallyeducated.com), a blog in which she writes about teaching and learning mathematics, and the co-creator of a free series of videos for teachers, twominuteteachersguide.com.

At the University of Missouri, Zandra teaches courses for future and current teachers. She also leads graduate courses related to issues of equity and diversity in mathematics education. In addition, she serves as a faculty mentor for MU’s Dorsey Scholars, a program that supports students from underrepresented backgrounds, and is the co-Director of the MU Partnership for Educational Renewal, a partnership among Mizzou and 24 Missouri school districts.




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