Applicants Sought for AMTE Associate Vice-President for Communications

Announced September 8, 2019

The AMTE Board of Directors is seeking applications for Associate Vice-President (AVP) for Communications.  

About the Position


3 years

Position Type

Appointed (Board of Directors)


Communications and Outreach

Position Description

The AVP for Communications provides front-facing content for AMTE’s digital presence, including the AMTE website, email communication, and social media channels.  The AVP for Communications will have the responsibility of maintaining and keeping the AMTE Website and web presence up to date, including curating and posting material to the website and other digital media. The AVP works closely with the Executive Director and the five Division Vice Presidents to draft and disseminate copy that publicizes the positions and activities of AMTE.  This includes, but is not limited to, drafting press releases, event announcements, direct communications to members, social media posts, and conference-related copy. 

The AVP will be responsible for creating copy and editing and disseminating copy from other committees within the AMTE leadership structure (for example, editing and disseminating a position statement crafted by the Emerging Issues Committee).  The AVP will be responsible for assessing the organization’s communication strategy and investigating ways to better reach current members, potential members, the mathematics education community, and the public at large to further AMTE’s mission.  Prior experience in copywriting for diverse audiences is desirable.