Application for 2024 STaR Fellows Cohort


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Applying to STaR

Submit all the following required materials by Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

Letter of recommendation from your dissertation advisor, a faculty member from your doctoral granting institution, or another mathematics educator who is familiar with your work and potential contributions. The letter should address how participation in the STaR program will facilitate your professional growth.

Letter of support/endorsement from your immediate supervisor (in most cases, your Department Chair). The letter should include these exact words:

“If the applicant is accepted to participate in the STaR program our institution commits to financially supporting [INSERT NAME] for travel costs (air fare, transportation, meals not covered by the program, and additional lodging outside institute dates if needed) for the fellow to attend the STaR Summer Institute (generally held in Park City, Utah) and the follow-up session at the AMTE conference. This financial support is independent of start-up funds allocated to the faculty member. I understand the estimate for total costs is approximately $2,500-$3,000.”

If your immediate supervisor refuses to use the text above, please continue your application.  Your acceptance to the STaR program will not be affected by the inclusion of this text.  For clarification, please contact Dorothy Y. White at

Your Interest in STaR. In the application form, you will be asked to include personal statements about your teaching, scholarship, and service. The STaR program prioritizes applicants who have clear work responsibilities and/or demonstrated ongoing work in areas of teaching and scholarship that connect to mathematics teacher education and AMTE's goals (see the summary at the bottom of this page or click here for more detail). You can click on the application to see the specific prompts.

Current vita/resume. Provide a current vita indicating recent teaching experience, publications/presentations and service activities.


Eligibility is limited to faculty with a doctorate in mathematics education in their first or second year of an academic appointment as a mathematics educator at an institution of higher education. The faculty appointment may be in a department of mathematics or a school/college/department of education. 

Apply to STaR

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