How to Become an Affiliate

Applying to Become an Affiliate

State and/or regional organizations may apply to become affiliates of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) by following these steps:
  1. Contact the AMTE Affiliate Director at to confirm interest and verify application materials/process.
  2. Review sample documents and information available to affiliates on the AMTE website.
  3. Submit a letter of application to the AMTE Affiliate Director for review by the Executive Director and AMTE Board. Include a copy of your organization’s constitution and by-laws, confirm that your organization’s president is a current member of AMTE, and include contact information for the president and the person responsible for maintaining affiliate information on the AMTE website.
  4. The Board will review the application and if accepted, the affiliate will be announced at the next AMTE Annual Meeting.

 Benefits of Affiliation

AMTE offers many benefits to its Affiliates that can be found on the Affiliates Benefit page. These include:

  • A connection to an established national organization.
  • A link to the AMTE website from your website.
  • Links to your website from an Affiliates’ page on the AMTE website.
  • A copy of the AMTE newsletter sent to Affiliate Presidents/Chairs.
  • Support for your affiliate from the Affiliate Connections Committee

 Expectations of Affiliates

AMTE expects the following from its Affiliates:

  • A link from the Affiliate to the AMTE website (if an affiliate website exists).
  • Information about conferences.
  • A willingness and plan to promote AMTE membership within the organization.
  • As part of the Annual Report/Renewal Process, Affiliates will submit:
  • Annual notification of current officers.
  • Annual list of all current members of the Affiliate and the ability to mail/email notices to affiliate members.
  • A copy of newsletters, if they exist.
  • A copy of any revision to the constitution and bylaws.
  • Verification that the President/Chair is an AMTE member in good standing.
  • Payment of an annual affiliation fee, equivalent to the AMTE individual dues



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