New Membership Initiatives

The AMTE Membership Committee is diligently working on several action items and is pleased to share two updates.

The first update involves the collaborative work of the Membership Committee and the technology committee to create a piece/article sharing reasons to be an AMTE member. This piece includes members’ statements as well as brief descriptions about benefits of AMTE membership. Our aim is to create a simple and effective way for current and potential members to learn about AMTE membership. Please look for this material on the AMTE website. More information, including links and QR codes to access this information, will be provided in the next issue of the newsletter.

The second update is related to the many AMTE members who have expressed interest in serving on a committee. It is amazing so many members want to support AMTE, maintain its success, and move the organization forward. We would like to share some things to keep in mind when completing your AMTE service nomination application.

  1. Committees are comprised of members representing the diversity (e.g., geography, gender, ethnicity, career-position, etc.) of AMTE.
  2. Decisions regarding selection of committee members are made by the AMTE President and Board; however, committees and committee chairs give feedback to the AMTE President about potential committee candidates.
  3. Appointments are made for 3-year terms. Committee members must show commitment to the organization and be prepared to serve for three years in the role.
  4. Candidates should provide specific plans for how they are prepared to support AMTE and if possible, a specific committee. Candidates who provide both general descriptions of their past accomplishments and viable plans for a committee are more likely to be appointed than those who only offer general descriptions of their past accomplishments.
  5. Candidates should be patient and learn more about AMTE committees in the process. Many committee members self-nominate or are nominated by peers multiple times before an appointment is made. Candidates should seek ways to learn more about AMTE and the work of its committees. For example, they could volunteer to serve as a program reviewer. Also, they could chat with a committee member or committee chair to learn more about current projects.

The AMTE membership committee is excited to share these updates and pleased to serve you, our AMTE members!

Jonathan Bostic, Membership Committee Chair
Bowling Green State University