Affiliate's Corner


The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas (AMTE-TX) held a conference on September 27, 2013 at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. The theme of “Vision into Practice” brought together leaders in mathematics education in the state of Texas to discuss important issues related to preparing effective mathematics teachers. We began with a "virtual panel" session (spanning four time zones) featuring Jenny Bay-Williams, Randy Philipp, and Kristin Umland. Breakout sessions focused on designing professional development, structuring degree programs, using children's thinking (including video), and sharing course syllabi, interesting tasks, and lessons. In the afternoon, Debra Junk led the group in discussing, "A Vision for Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas." The event was well received by everyone involved! For more information visit our website at


At CAMTE’s (California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators) October 2014 Business Meeting in Palm Springs at the CMC-S Conference, Diane Kinch assumed the role of President and Annette Kitagawa became Member at Large. The continuing board includes Terran Felter as Treasurer, Babette Benken as Secretary, and Joi Spencer and Jorgen Berglund as Members-at-Large. CAMTE has determined the following goals and needs for 2014-15:

  • Sharing the benefits of CAMTE, such as:
    • CAMTE offers connections between members across California trying to achieve similar goals/work
    • CAMTE is a voice for teacher education and professional development in California
    • CAMTE members are working at all of California's State Universities and with cooperating districts to further the goals of the national Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership
    • Via our new Speakers’ Bureau, CAMTE will house your info on professional developments you can lead.
  • Review Mission and Goals
  • Restructure Committees (with a plan for each).


The Georgia Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (GAMTE) held its Eighth Annual Conference at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center October 15, 2014. There were 31 attendees representing 11 institutions of higher education. A photo from this event is posted below. Program information along with conference proceedings is located at our website, .


MassMATE (Massachusetts Mathematics Association of Teacher Educators) will hold a spring symposium. It is tentatively set for May 26, 2015. They co-sponsored a mathematics summit with Merrimack College on November 19, 2014. For more information on either event contact Patricia Emmons