Give 25 for AMTE's 25th Anniversary!

Give 25 for AMTE’s 25th Anniversary!

Throughout 2016 and culminating in our 2017 AMTE Conference in Orlando, Florida, we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. For 25 years, AMTE has been hard at work—growing in number and in scope, finding meaningful ways to promote excellence in mathematics teacher education, and increasing our voice in the fields of mathematics and education. We want this anniversary year to be a year of unparalleled growth and energy to honor the foundation laid by the many members who have given their time and energy to the organization.


Beginning in January and throughout 2016, we invite contributions in honor of the legacy of AMTE. One way that we want to celebrate AMTE’s history and growth is to build support for its future.

We encourage you to make a donation of $25, or multiples of $25, to express your appreciation for the organization and the work it does to support mathematics teacher education.  

Many of you already give on a regular basis, and we thank you for those donations.  On the website and in the Connections newsletter, we will keep the membership updated on the progress of the Give 25 for AMTE’s 25th Campaign. Currently, we have already raised over $5000 in donations .

Where are the donations going? 

Donations can be directed towards any of the ongoing work of AMTE, described below.

AMTE General Fund

In 25 years, AMTE has grown as an organization to over 1000 members. With 7 elected board members and 7 appointed directors, the work of the organization is carried out with only one part-time employee, a baker’s dozen of volunteer committees, and hundreds of volunteers who give selflessly of their time and energy reviewing proposals, organizing committee work, carrying out task force projects, etc. As AMTE continues to grow in the next quarter-century, please consider supporting both the growth in infrastructure and the ongoing support and development of new initiatives.

Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) Scholarship Fund

Since 2012, AMTE has awarded 12 scholarships of $1000 each to elementary teachers to enhance their mathematics knowledge, teaching, and leadership by enrolling in university coursework or other training to develop the expertise in becoming an elementary mathematics specialist.  The EMS Scholarship is also supported by the generous sponsorship of the Math Learning Center; your donation could help increase the number of scholarships that could be awarded.

STar Program for Early Career Mathematics Educators Fund

The Service, Teaching and Research (STaR) Program is a one-year induction program for early career mathematics educators working at institutions of higher education. The program includes a summer institute, academic year networking, and meetings at the annual AMTE conference. STaR has been instrumental in supporting many future leaders in mathematics education, including the currently 207 STaR Fellows who have completed the cohort program.

Susan Gay Graduate Student Conference Travel Scholarship Fund

Since 2012, AMTE has awarded scholarships to 20 graduate students in support of their travel to AMTE’s Annual Conference. This scholarship has helped many graduate students learn about and become involved in our organization. Your contribution to this fund will help future graduate students be able to attend and participate in the AMTE Conference.

Visit AMTE.NET/GIVE to donate $25 or $25*N or $25N !

Join us in celebrating AMTE’s anniversary by helping to build AMTE’s future!