A Collective Call for Action

Earlier in the fall, AMTE announced its participation in a wider mathematics education community initiative, Collective Actions to Develop Awareness of Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education. Throughout this academic year, AMTE invites mathematics teacher educators to join a broad coalition in a year of collective action. AMTE is partnering with NCTM, NCSM, TODOS and other mathematics education organizations to support this collective effort for our community to examine and have dialogue around critical issues.

While each organization has specific initiatives, there are also common readings, quarterly webinars and other activities across all communities.

AMTE has a Collective Action Website that includes suggested activities sponsored by AMTE as well as information about and a schedule of the community wide activities across organizations. We will update this website each quarter with new activities. We hope that these opportunities support meaningful conversations around issues of equity and social justice among the mathematics teacher education community and impact our work as MTE's.

On a related note, TODOS President Diane Kinch recently released a timely message regarding the role of mathematics education in the current political environment. It is also posted on the AMTE site on the Member Bulletin Board.