AMTE Webinars Announced

AMTE's Professional Development Committee is pleased to announced upcoming webinars. Additional information can be found on the AMTE Webinars page.

August 2017


Session 1: Addressing Social Contexts of Mathematics Teaching and Learning with Preservice Teachers


The LessonSketch Research + Development Fellows Project: Developing Rich Media-based Materials for Practice-based Teacher Education (NSF Grant DRL–1316241), a joint project of the University of Maryland Center for Mathematics Education and the University of Michigan, explores how web-based resources and tools can be used to support the work of teacher educators.  This first session will provide an overview of the the LR+D project and the 12 fellows who have recruited inquiry groups and created and piloted mathematics teacher education materials for use in a variety of courses in pre-service mathematics teacher education programs. This first webinar will focus on the social context of mathematics and learning (AMTE standard C.4). Sandra Crespo (Michigan State University) will present a module which focuses PSTs on noticing students mathematical strengths (C.4.3) and Lawrence Clark (University of Maryland) will present a scenario that forces PSTs to think about power, privilege and the history of mathematics education (C.4.4).


Daniel Chazan, University of Maryland; Overview of LR+D project

Lawrence Clark, University of Maryland; Supporting Students' Development of Productive Perceptions of their Mathematical Ability

Sandra Crespo, Michigan State University; Noticing Students’ Mathematical Strengths

Fall 2017

We will be hosting a 4-part webinar series on "Materials for Practice-based Teacher Education". Session 1 is scheduled for August (actual date TBD). Information about the remaining sessions will be coming soon.