Call for MTE Editor

The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) seek applications for Editor of their joint online journal Mathematics Teacher Educator for a term beginning May 2018.

Mission and Goals

The journal contributes to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators that stems from, develops, and strengthens practitioner knowledge. The journal provides a means for practitioner knowledge related to the preparation and support of teachers of mathematics not only to be public, shared, and stored, but also verified, and improved over time (Hiebert, Gallimore, & Stigler, 2002). Mathematics Teacher Educator is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, online journal.


The primary audience of Mathematics Teacher Educator is practitioners in mathematics teacher education, broadly defined as anyone who contributes to the preparation and professional development of Pre-K–12 preservice and inservice teachers of mathematics. Mathematics teacher educators include mathematics educators, mathematicians, teacher leaders, school district mathematics experts, and others.

Requirements and Qualifications

Required: The Editor will have a clear understanding of the goals and mission of the journal and agree to maintain a journal that respects them. 

  • The Editor should have previous experience with scholarly/practitioner journals as editor; member of editorial panel or board; editor of a department; or other substantive editorial experience. The Editor should demonstrate an understanding of the amount of time and resources needed for different editorial processes, such as reviewing, rewriting, and formatting.
  • The Editor should be well-versed in practices and issues of mathematics teacher education, including professional development and preservice preparation of teachers of mathematics. 
  • The Editor must be a current member of both AMTE and NCTM.

Desirable: Experience with or vision for online publishing.


The Editor will:

  • assign reviewers to manuscripts;
  • decide what articles are published in the journal, using expert advice from reviewers, including the Editorial Panel;
  • appoint an Associate Editor and work collaboratively to fulfill the journal’s mission;
  • communicate decisions with feedback to authors and reviewers; and
  • attend meetings with the Editorial Panel and report on the status of the journal.


The term for the Editor will be three years plus one year as Editor-designate. The year as Editor-Designate begins May 2018; the Editor-designate will begin receiving manuscripts in Fall 2018 (at a time mutually agreeable to the current Editor and the Editor-Designate). The individual selected will serve as Editor from May 2018 through May 2022.


NCTM with provide the Editor with an internet-based manuscript processing system.

To Apply

Applicants should submit a vita and a letter of application describing relevant experiences as a scholar of mathematics teacher education, with editorial work, and with managerial aspects of running a journal. Also submit the name of a potential Associate Editor and a one-paragraph description of how that person might support the work of the journal.

Applicants progressing to the interview stage will be asked to provide a brief application packet, including a letter of support from their institution for serving as editor (e.g., release from teaching; graduate student assistant; clerical support). 

Applicants may learn more about the journal at its website and/or by contacting the current editors, Sandra Crespo and Kristen Bieda. Candidates should submit their applications via email to Randall Groth, no later than August 31, 2017.  Finalists will participate in a distance interview. Final selection of an editor will be made by the Presidents of AMTE and NCTM and is anticipated in early 2018.


Hiebert, J., Gallimore, R., & Stigler, J. W. 2002. A knowledge base for the teaching profession: What would it look like and how can we get one? Educational Researcher, 31(5), 3-15.