AMTE's Fall 2017 Webinars

September 27, 2017

Exploring the AMTE Standards: Key Points in Assessing Mathematics Teacher Preparation


Exploring the AMTE Standards: Key Points in Assessing Mathematics Teacher Preparation. While AMTE’s Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics describes a national vision for the initial preparation of teacher of mathematics, we will not know if we are achieving that vision unless we effectively assess our efforts. The Standards provides a comprehensive description of the assessment of both candidates and programs that can support the improvement of practices and policies to better support the Standards. The document includes general recommendations about general features of effective assessments used in preparing teachers of mathematics, about assessing the quality of mathematics teacher candidates, and about assessing the quality of mathematics teacher preparation programs. Join us for an AMTE webinar focusing on the role of assessment in achieving the AMTE Standards. The presenters will provide insights drawn from the document and their experiences, raise challenges for discussion by participants, as well as provide opportunities for your questions.


Gary Martin, Auburn Univeristy,

Tim Boerst, University of Michigan,

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October 25, 2017  

Materials for Practice-based Teacher Education (4 part Series)

Session 2: Addressing Pedagogical Knowledge and Practices for Teaching (AMTE Standard C.2)


This second session of the four part webinar series focuses on AMTE Indicator C.2.3 (Implement Effective Instruction). Karl Kosko (Kent State University) will present modules that incorporate video to assess elementary PSTs’ noticing of observed pedagogical moves and student thinking. PSTs will also be asked how they would follow up on specific situations. Janet Walkoe (University of Maryland) will present several modules that involve student interview videos around algebraic thinking. Woong Lim (University of New Mexico) will present an experience that asks teacher candidates to create teacher-student dialogues so they can focus on questioning strategies.  Kristen Bieda (Michigan State University) presents a module that helps PSTs understand and envision the Common Core SMP3 (Generating and Critiquing Arguments).


Karl Kosko, Kent State University; Noticing of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

Janet Walkoe, University of Maryland; Student Thinking Interviews to Support Classroom Practice

Woong Lim, University of New Mexico; Improving Teacher Questions Via Scripting Tasks

Kristen Bieda, Michigan State University; Understanding and Envisioning SMP 3

November 9, 2017

Exploring the AMTE Standards: Social Contexts of Mathematics Teaching and Learning


One of the assumptions of AMTE’s Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics is “Every standard must be built on the premise that it applies to each and every student, recognizing that equity requires acknowledging the particular context, needs, and capabilities of each and every learner rather than providing identical opportunities to students” (p. 1). During this session, we will share and discuss some of the standards and accompanying vignettes from the grade band chapters designed to help MTEs prepare well-prepared beginning teachers to think deeply about the social context of mathematics teaching and learning.


Marilyn Strutchens, Auburn University,

Dorothy White, University of Georgia,