Transforming an Idea into an AMTE Publication: Getting Feedback

Based upon the positive feedback we received at the 2016 Annual Meeting, we will repeat the special two-hour session designed to help prospective authors be better informed about manuscript expectations for AMTE publications. This session is intended to provide targeted feedback to potential authors for the quality improvement of their ideas for manuscripts for AMTE’s publications–Mathematics Teacher Educator, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, and Connections. Feedback will focus on clarifying expectations for the relevant publication regarding scope, format, and the intended audience. See AMTE Publications.

The session will be organized around 15-minute “mini-sessions.” During these mini-sessions, a potential author will meet with reviewers from the relevant publication to discuss feedback on a 1-2 page outline of a manuscript, submitted in advance. Two faculty who are currently reviewers from the relevant publication, will be assigned to critique the outline prior to the Annual Conference so that the 15-minute mini-session can be effectively used to make specific suggestions to each potential author.

To assist AMTE members who are not able to sign up in advance for a mini-session, editors from each publication will be available at a “drop-in” table during the session to answer GENERAL questions relative to submission and publication processes for the respective journals; there will be no review of specific manuscript outlines at these “drop-in” tables.

Look for future announcements that will describe how you can go about reserving a spot at one of the mini-sessions. As space is limited, potential authors will be encouraged to sign-up as early as they can. To encourage as much participation as possible, only one reservation can be made per person. Details about the outline construction will be provided once participants can sign up. Potential authors will be asked to email their outline to the AMTE Vice President for Publications, Christine Browning, no later than Monday, December 4, 11:59 PM (PST).

If you have any questions regarding this session, please contact Christine Browning, AMTE Vice President for Publications.