Updates from the AMTE Standards Dissemination Task Force

Thanks to everyone who attended our first webinar focused on the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics. In July, Nicole Rigelman and Mike Steele unpacked the important themes within each of the grade band elaborations. We also received some great feedback regarding resources that might be useful to members in thinking about implementing the Standards. The Task Force would love your feedback on what resources might be useful to you; feel free to contact Mike Steele with your ideas. And see the update from the Professional Development Committee for our upcoming webinars focused on Standards!

Two new video clips related to Standards are available: from Doug Clements, a description of the role of learning trajectories in Standards, and from Rochelle Gutiérrez, a video on how power and identity are addressed in Standards. 

Finally, look for a call for materials development soon from the Task Force, which will provide members with opportunities to create and share materials that can be used for addressing aspects of Standards in the work of teacher preparation.