Announcing the Advocacy and Emerging Issues Breakfast!

The Emerging Issues Committee is hosting an Advocacy and Emerging Issues Breakfast at the annual conference. Everyone is welcome! This year’s breakfast will take place on Friday morning and will feature two groups who have engaged in advocacy work with teachers and communities.

  • The Mathematical Modeling with Cultural and Community Contexts (M2C3) group will discuss the intersection of their work with teacher and community engagement, and advocacy.
  • The Examining the Trajectories of Black Mathematics Teachers project will discuss the advocacy work involved in recruiting and retaining Black mathematics teachers. 

Panelists will share their ideas about why and how advocacy is important in their work and what it means to be an advocate in the context of their work. 

After the breakfast, participate in a discussion with the breakfast panelists at the session Community, Advocacy, and Mathematics Education. We will specifically focus on how to engage in advocacy with teachers and communities.
Zandra De Araujo, University of Missouri
Associate Vice President for Advocacy