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IMTE (Illinois)

The Illinois Math Teacher Educators (IMTE) is proud to be the oldest AMTE affiliate and celebrate its 20th year as an organization during 2021. One of the first group of elected AMTE officers in 1994 included Susan Beal, a faculty member at St. Xavier’s in Chicago. While on the AMTE board, Susan realized state affiliates were needed to add strength to AMTE. At that time, Susan and other math educators in IL were involved with their state math teaching organization (ICTM) where they gave workshops for teachers, but desired to have a place where they could also be more focused on professional development specifically focused on the work of math educators. They felt like they had places to “give”, but also needed a place to “receive”. Hence, she led a group of IL educators to form IMTE and held its first annual meeting in 2001. IMTE was recognized as the very first AMTE affiliate in 2003. The current IMTE board wants to give a special public THANK YOU to Susan for all of her many contributions to math teacher education here in IL and at the national level! 

To celebrate IMTE’s 20th year as an organization, the current IMTE board is organizing a summer virtual gathering that will provide opportunities for participants to learn from and share with one another on a variety of topics related to their work as math educators. This special event will be held on July 14th from 8:30 – 11:30, with hopes that it will become an annual gathering to connect with one another over the summer months.

HAMTE (Indiana) 

HAMTE 10th Anniversary: We will celebrate 10 years of HAMTE this summer. There is so much HAMTE members have done and look forward to in the future. Below are two pictures from two different moments of HAMTE history.