Updates from MTE Journal

The Mathematics Teacher Educator Editorial Board is pleased to announce that Michael D. Steele and Kate R. Johnson will be Editor Designate and Associate Editor Designate of the Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE) journal beginning May 2021. The current Editor and Associate Editor, Karen Hollebrands and Valerie Faulkner, will complete their term in May 2022. Welcome Mike and Kate!

The first Focus Issue: Equity, Access, and Power will be published in June 2021. Here are the articles appearing in that issue:

Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of Privilege and Oppression – Tonya Bartell, Michigan State University, Courtney Koestler, Ohio University, Mary Q. Foote, CUNY Queens College

Exploring Power and Oppression: An Examination of Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Professional Growth – Troy Bell, Purdue University, Michael Lolkus, Purdue University, Jill Newton, Purdue University, Craig Willey, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

If the World Were a Village: Learning Mathematics While Concurrently Learning About the World  Eva Thanheiser, Portland State University, Courtney Koestler, Ohio University

Developing an Asset-Based View of Students’ Mathematical Competencies through Learning Trajectory-Based Lesson Study Jennifer Suh, George Mason University, Sara Birkhead, George Mason University, Toya Frank, George Mason University, Courtney Baker, George Mason University, Terrie Galanti, University of North Florida, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, George Mason University

We will be publishing our next issue in September 2021.

Article Podcasts

Listen to MTE article authors describe their work in the MTE podcasts. Six seasons and 26 episodes are now available on both the AMTE and NCTM websites.

Invitation from Editors

The MTE Editors welcome questions from prospective authors regarding submission ideas. Please feel free to send us an email message, and we will be happy to talk further with you.

The Editorial Team’s Response to COVID-19

We hope that our readers, authors, and reviewers are safe and staying well as we all adjust to the new reality caused by COVID-19. We recognize that this pandemic has created challenges and caused interruptions in our lives as we adjust to new ways of working while continuing our work as mathematics teacher educators.

In response to this crisis, the editorial team is providing more time for authors to revise and resubmit their manuscripts. Reviewers are allotted more time to complete peer reviews, and we are providing extensions, when needed. We also know many of our reviewers will need to decline our invitations because of other commitments and responsibilities. We understand your need to do so and hope you will continue to review manuscripts for the MTE journal when you have more time.