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Teaching Math Teaching Podcast

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[REBROADCAST] Tim Hendrix: Leadership and Service - Who is going to be the next you?

In honor of the life and work of Tim Hendrix, this is a rebroadcast of the episode that was originally published February 22, 2022. In this episode, we share some words of appreciation and remembrance of Tim Hendrix from colleagues and friends, and we also extend the conversation around Tim's talk he gave in receiving the Nadine Bezuk Excellence in Leadership and Service Award at the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Annual Conference in 2022.

Carlos LópezLeiva: Responsive and Inclusive Math Teacher Education to Foster Responsive and Inclusive Math Teachers

Learning to teach math teachers with Carlos LópezLeiva, Associate Professor of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies at The University of New Mexico, as he shares his experiences and advice on being a mathematics teacher educator, as well as his experiences in school settings in the U.S. and in Guatemala. Carlos also shares his work on considering the identity development of Latinas/os and/or Hispanics as bilingual speakers and as doers of mathematics and the social dimension of teaching, learning, and doing mathematics in different environments.

Mathematics Teacher Educator Podcast

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Building Mathematics Professional Development with an Explicit Attention to Concepts and Student Opportunities to Struggle Framework Gwyneth Hughes, Michele B. Carney, Joe Champion, & Lindsey Yundt, Boise State University

Two broad categories of instructional practices, (a) explicitly attending to concepts and (b) fostering students’ opportunities to struggle, have been consistently linked to improving students’ mathematical learning and achievement. In this article, we describe an effort to build these practices into a framework that is useful for a diverse set of professional development (PD) offerings. We describe three examples of how the framework is used to support teacher learning and classroom instructional practice: a state-mandated course, lesson studies, and a large-scale teacher–researcher alliance. Initial findings suggest that consistently emphasizing this framework provides both content and structural guidance during PD development and gives coherence and focus to teachers’ PD experiences.