STaR Program Application Information

The Service, Teaching, and Research (STaR) Program provides mentorship and networking opportunities for faculty members at U.S. institutions who are in their first or second year of an appointment at the time of application. The program has now expanded to allow applications from both tenure-track and clinical, instructional, or other continuing track faculty members. Clinical/instructional/continuing track applicants must be in a continuing or long-term position that includes opportunities for promotion or advancement.

The program provides an opportunity for early career faculty members to develop a network of peers and to interact with more experienced colleagues around issues of service, teaching, and research. The program includes a week-long retreat (planned dates June 22-27, 2024 [Sat.-Thu.]) and a follow-up meeting at the 2025 AMTE conference. Please encourage eligible mathematics education faculty members to learn more about STaR. Program and application information can be found on the AMTE website. The application deadline is Wednesday, November 15; decisions will be announced by January 31, 2024.

The STaR program is sponsored by AMTE, with funding being provided through two main sources:

  • The generous support of various professional organizations (including AMTE, AMTE state affiliates, NCTM, SIG/RME, PME-NA, ASA, CPM, and CMP) and private individuals. These funds are used to provide STaR Fellows with lodging and some meals.
  • The support of STaR fellows’ home institutions. These funds provide funding for transportation to and from the summer retreat, some meals, and expenses associated with attending a follow-up meeting prior to AMTE in 2025. Institutional expenses are estimated at $2,500-$3,000.

The STaR program has supported 14 cohorts since 2010, and has thus far worked with hundreds of early career mathematics educators. These STaR Fellows come out of more than 100 different doctoral programs and hold positions at close to 200 different institutions of higher education. These STaR Fellows and the 2024 Institute Director, Dorothy Y. White (, are happy to answer questions from prospective applicants. Feedback from the 2023 Fellows illustrates what one can expect from the program:

“The intellectual and the social space that the institute created for me were phenomenal and much needed support. I appreciated the inclusion and attention to the fellows' needs.”

“These were awesome experiences. A number of possibilities were established and explored. I felt like the approach that the facilitator for my manuscript group used was outstanding. I had apprehensions about my idea for a manuscript but because of the way in which the sessions were conducted, the feedback was well received and not intimidating or discouraging at all!”

“As someone at a teaching heavy institution I have been trying to be intentional in finding connections between my teaching and research and being able to form my own group gave me the opportunity to start collaborating with others who have similar interests.”

“I was initially hesitant as a scholar of color and knowing that some BIPOC scholars had not had great experiences at STaR, but I was pleasantly surprised and felt very much included and had a great time.”

“The STaR staff who presented the talks addressed many of the challenges that MTE's might encounter early in their careers. I found these talks to be insightful and generative.”

“This was such a great experience. I'm so grateful that this support experience exists and that I had this opportunity! I was so excited to be able to have this opportunity. thank you. thank you. thank you!!!!”

The STaR program is dependent on donations to ensure the future of this vibrant program. Of significance is the fact that over half of past STaR Fellows have contributed to the AMTE STaR fund. PLEASE consider giving $25, $50, $100 or more. Visit the STaR Fellows Program Donation Page for information on how to donate to the STaR Program.