AMTE Election 2023

Deadline: June 15, 2023

Serving on the AMTE Board of Directors is a commitment, an honor, a service, and many other things. Wondering about which role might suit your skills and interests? The Nominations and Elections Committee has been working hard to help you figure this out!

This year the opportunities are: President-Elect and Board Member-at-Large. Current and Past Board Member-at-Large share their perspectives in the 2022 Issue of Connections . You can also find Insights from Past Presidents and Board Members-at-Large in a 2021 issue of Connections, and a video of four Past Presidents who share their experiences so check them out as you consider the opportunities.   

In 2023, we are electing a President-Elect and Board Member-at-Large.

Nominations are now open. Please use the nomination form.

Application Form

Candidates who have been nominated will be contacted and asked to apply online by August 15, 2023.

Selection Process

After reviewing all applications submitted by the August 15th deadline, the Committee will formulate an election slate of two candidates for each position, taking into consideration the following: candidates' professional qualifications, previous AMTE involvement, and diversity (e.g., years of experience, racial or ethnic background, affiliation (mathematics or education department or other organization), size of institution, geographic region, and so on) as aligned with the current composition of the Board membership.

All submitted nominations and applications will be forwarded to Amber Candela, AVP for Nominations and Elections.  If you have any questions about the nomination or application process, contact her at Amber Candela.