CCSS-M Swap Meet 2013

Second Annual CCSS-M Swap Meet: Sharing Learning Tasks for Prospective and Practicing Teachers
Swap interesting and useful professional learning tasks that you use with prospective and practicing teachers related to CCSS-M!

When: At the 2013 AMTE Conference on Friday evening (following the conference dinner) at 7:30p - 8:45p.

Where: Ballroom Foyer right outside our room for dinner.

How to Participate:
  1. See the Registration Page to register.
  2. We ask that you use this PowerPoint Template to organize and distribute information about your CCSS-M Learning Task. Once you have inserted your information into the template, print 50 front/back Handouts (4 to a page) to bring to the Swap Meet. Given the limited nature of this information, please provide your colleagues with contact information on the last slide so that they can request further information or a more extended explanation of the learning task.


Looking forward to a lively Swap Meet!!
AMTE Common Core State Standards - Mathematics Task Force Members



Examples of PowerPoints & PDFs from the 2012 CCSS-M Learning Tasks Swap Meet
Sharing Learning Tasks for Prospective and Practicing Teachers


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