Insights into the NAEP Mathematics Assessment Framework Public Draft (Webinar)

Tuesday, June 4, 10 - 11 AM Eastern Time


J. Michael Shaughnessy, Portland State University (Emeritus)
Edward A. Silver, University of Michigan

The updated draft of the NAEP Mathematics Assessment Framework is available for public feedback for further improvement. As experts in math education, members of AMTE are invited to provide feedback on the draft, and comments are accepted through June 7, 2019.  This webinar, co-sponsored by AMTE and WestEd, offers AMTE members the opportunity to learn more about the framework and establish context for feedback.  It's an opportunity to (a) learn more about the process that took place in the vision and development of the NAEP Framework update and (b) both ask questions about and provide some feedback on the Framework.  Access to the Framework document, along with additional information about this work, is available at  It will be especially helpful if webinar attendees have read portions of the Framework in advance, especially Chapters 1 and 3.  J. Michael Shaughnessy and Ed Silver will lead the webinar; additionally, Ann Edwards and Mark Loveland from WestEd will be panelists available to answer questions. Come join us as we learn about and give feedback to this process. Webinar is open to all mathematics educators; there are 100 available seats in the webinar.

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