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As a benefit to members, AMTE sponsors professional webinars for mathematics teacher educators. The program features interactive presentations chosen by the AMTE Professional Development Committee.

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Peg Smith, University of Pittsburgh


A key challenge mathematics teachers face in enacting ambitious forms of instruction is to orchestrate discussions that use students’ responses to instructional tasks in ways that advance the mathematical learning of the whole class. In particular, teachers are often faced with a wide array of student responses to complex tasks and must find a way to use them to guide the class towards deeper understandings of significant mathematics. This webinar focuses on a model for effective use of student thinking in whole-class discussions that has the potential to make such teaching manageable for more teachers and help teachers orchestrate discussions that move beyond showing and telling.



TEACH Math Project Team
Corey Drake (TEACH MATH Principal Investigator), Michigan State University Co-Principal Investigators: (presented alphabetically)
Julia Aguirre, University of Washington – Tacoma
Tonya Gau Bartell, Michigan State University
Mary Q. Foote, Queens College, CUNY
Amy Roth McDuffie, Washington State University Tri-Cities 
Erin Turner, University of Arizona


Rochelle Gutiérrez, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana