Judith Jacobs Lecture

History of Judith Jacobs Lecture

The Judith Jacobs Lecture was established in 2003 to honor Dr. Judith E. Jacobs, one of the founding members of AMTE.  Dr. Jacobs was instrumental in developing AMTE into a national organization and in the development of the AMTE conference with its current structure and emphasis on interaction. Judith Jacobs is an active member who served as the treasurer, the president, and as the first executive director.   The Judith Jacobs Lecture was established after her tenure as executive director.

Dr. Jacobs gave the first lecture where she described what it means to be a mathematics teacher educator and outlined how being a mathematics teacher educator is different from being a mathematics teacher, a career professional developer, or a researcher in mathematics education research. She challenged us to recognize our roles as mathematics teacher educators and through this organization, an outlet was created to share and learn from each other.

The AMTE Awards Committee is asking for your help to identify potential Judith Jacobs Lecturers for the 2024 AMTE Annual Conference. We want to recognize a distinguished mathematics teacher educator by providing them the opportunity to challenge their colleagues at the next AMTE conference. Please use the link below to submit the names of individuals that you feel are qualified and could give a worthwhile and inspiring talk to the members of AMTE.

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Past Judith Jacobs Lecturers


Judith Jacobs Lecturer

School Affiliation

Title of Talk

2024 Dorothy Y. White University of Georgia


2023 Randy Philipp San Diego State University

Grappling with the Tensions Between Building Foundations and Encouraging Change

2022 Sandra Crespo Michigan State University

What does it mean and what will it take to be an anti-racist mathematics teacher educator?

2021 Marta Civil University of Arizona What Does it Mean to be a Mathematics Teacher Educator
2020 Paola Sztajn North Carolina State University Research and Mathematics Teacher Education: Triumphs, Trials, and Transitions
2019 Denise A. Spangler University of Georgia Fundamental Commitments of My Work as a Mathematics Teacher Educator
2018 Margaret (Peg) Smith University of Pittsburgh A Mathematics Teacher Educator’s Journey: Responding to An Evolving Field
2017 Marilyn E. Strutchens  Auburn University Attending to Access, Equity, and Empowerment Matters for Each and Every Student: Beyond Courses and Workshops
2016 Francis (Skip) Fennell McDaniel College Mathematics Teacher Education: Normal Schools to Now. What’s the Fit and Future for AMTE?
2015 Nadine Bezuk San Diego State University Supporting Elementary Teachers in Developing Their Mathematics Teaching
2014 Barbara J. Reys University of Missouri-Columbia Curriculum Matters! For Teachers, for Students, and for Mathematics Teacher Educators
2013 Karen Karp University of Louisville The Invisible 10% - Preparing Teachers to Teach Mathematics to Students with Special Needs
2012 Deborah Schifter Education Development Center Interpreting the Common Core: What Might it Look Like in Classrooms?
2011 Joan Ferrini-Mundy Michigan State University Learning for Tomorrow: Challenges and Opportunities in Mathematics Teacher Education


James Hiebert

University of Delaware

Building Knowledge for Helping Teachers Learn to Teach: An Alternative Path for Teacher Education


Jeremy Kilpatrick

University of Georgia

Going to War with the Army You Have


Ed Silver

University of Michigan

Mathematics Teacher Education in Dodge City: Desperately Seeking Wyatt Earp and Henri Poincaré


Deborah Loewenberg Ball

University of Michigan

The Core and Contemporary Challenges of Mathematics Teacher Education


Judith Sowder

San Diego State University

Preparing Elementary Teachers: The Role of Reasoning about Numbers and Quantities


Glenda Lappan

Michigan State University

Reflections on a Lifetime of Work: Why Curriculum Matters


Thomas J. Cooney

University of Georgia

The Role of Mathematics Teacher Education: Reform or Enculturation?


Judith E. Jacobs

California State Polytechnic University

Improving Mathematics Education: Mathematics Teacher Educators Lead the Way