Associate Vice-President for Annual Conference Program

Rick Hudson

University of Southern Indiana

2020 to 2023

The Conference Program Committee ensures, to the extent possible, that the AMTE membership is offered a variety of sessions at the annual conference that are likely to engage a varied group of mathematics teacher educators, who work in various academic settings and who are engaged in varied work.

The primary areas of responsibility for the Conference Program Committee include the following:

  • Developing a call for presentation proposals.
  • Reviewing proposals and making decisions about program sessions, and
  • Ensuring the success of the conference.
2017 to 2022
Julie Amador, University of Idaho,
2018 to 2021
Tommy Hodges, University of South Carolina,
Mary Enderson, Old Dominion University,
Jeremy Zelkowski, University of Alabama,
2019 to 2022
Kelly Costner, Winthrop University,
Rebekah Elliott, Oregon State University,
Carlos Nico Gomez, Clemson University,
2020 to 2023
Jennifer Ward, Kennesaw State University,
Robert Powers, Northern Colorado,
Michelle Cirillo, University of Delaware,
Wendy Smith, University of Nebraska,
Nirmala Naresh, University of North Texas,
2016 to 2021
AnnaMarie Conner, University of Georgia,