Associate Vice-President for Conferences

Cynthia Taylor

Millersville University

2024 to 2025

The work of the Conference Committee entails facilitating the planning and implementation of conferences and other conference-like activities to support the mission and vision of the organization.

2019 to 2025
Julie James, University of Mississippi,
2022 to 2025
Byungeun Pak, Utah Tech University,
2023 to 2026
Ashley Schmidt, Univ of Central Florida,
Cynthia Taylor, Millersville University,
Derek Sturgill, University of Wisconsin Stout,
2023 to 2025
Bethany LaValley, Univ of Mississippi, (Grad Student Rep)
2024 to 2027
Premkumar Pugalenthi, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte,
Dan Clark, Western Kentucky University,
Tierra Fender, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Graduate Student Representative),

The Local Arrangements Committee provides local conference support to the Conferences Committee and Headquarters.

The primary areas of responsibility for the Local Arrangements Committee include the following:

  • Recruiting members and others to work at the conference registration desk and support the conference activities in other ways.
  • Secure conference materials locally.
  • Help to ensure the success of the conference.
2024 to 2025
2025 Conference Co-Chair Diana Moss, University of Nevada Reno,
2025 Conference Co-Chair Glenn Waddell, University of Nevada Reno,
Jessie Ross, Universitiy of Nevada Reno,
Claudia Bertolone-Smith, California State University Chino,
Heather Crawford-Ferre, Nevada Department of Education,