Associate Vice-Presidents for CITE Journal (Co-Editors)

Allison McCulloch

University of North Carolina Charlotte

2022 to 2025

Chrystal Dean

Appalachian State

2023 to 2026

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE Journal) is an online, peer-reviewed journal, established and sponsored jointly by five professional associations (AMTE, ASTE, NCSS-CUFA, CEE, and SITE). The AMTE CITE Journal Editorial Panel is responsible for editorial review of articles in the discipline of mathematics and providing suggestions for improvement of the journal, as appropriate.

2022 to 2025
Linda Zientek, Sam Houston State University,
Lindsay Reiten, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley,
2023 to 2026
Xiangquan Yao, Penn State,
Shahabeddin Abbaspour Tazehkand, U Central Florida,
2024 to 2027
Nina Bailey, Montclair State University,
Ryan Smith, Radford University,
Queshonda Kudaisi, University of North Texas,