Call for Submissions to the AMTE Tech Talk Blog

Call for Submissions to the AMTE Tech Talk Blog

Welcome to the AMTE Tech Talk Blog!  The purpose of the blog is to provide a space for us, the members of AMTE, to share our success stories of technology integration in a variety of environments to see how the different tools are being used and the positive outcomes that resulted in our work with preservice and inservice teachers.  

What We Talk About

The content of the blog posts may include descriptions and uses of various mathematical technologies, tools that allow teachers to communicate and reflect on their work, social media spaces in which teachers and teacher educators discuss their work, and engaging technology-based activities that we have used with pre-service and inservice mathematics teachers, to name a few.

Places to Start

The following blog posts are authored by AMTE members and provide examples of the ways we are engaging students and teachers in using technology.