Associate Vice-President for Annual Conference Program

Farshid Safi

University of Central Florida


Dana Cox

Miami University


Holt Wilson

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


The primary areas of responsibility for the conference committee, led by the Chair, include the following:

  • Developing a call for presentation proposals.
  • Reviewing proposals and making decisions about program sessions, and
  • Ensuring the success of the conference.
2015 to 2018
David Barker, Illinois State University,
Dana Cox, Miami University,
Rick Hudson, University of Southern Indiana,
Courtney Koestler, Ohio University,
2016 to 2019
Robert Berry, University of Virginia,
AnnaMarie Conner, University of Georgia,
Enrique Galindo, Indiana University,
Catherine Schwartz, East Carolina University,
2017 to 2020
Jennifer Eli, University of Arizona,
Cathy Liebars, The College of New Jersey,
Julie Amador, University of Idaho,
Jane Wilburne, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg,